Groups & Packages

Groups, Events and Packages


What better way to share the skyline than with your coworkers, bachelor(ette) crew, or just some randoms you meet on the street. We can accommodate groups of 2-200. You tell us the numbers and we'll create the greatest outing, party or team building exercise in the history of helicopters.  

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Booking Requirements: 

How it works: 

  • Group rates start at 13 people 
  • The larger the group the bigger the price break 
  • We fly 7 days a week 360 days a year 
  • We recommend Booking 6 weeks in advance to ensure availability
  • Catering and transportation can be arranged 
  • Helicopters carry 6 passengers 
  • Multiple helicopters fly at the same time for speed and efficiency
  • Larger groups will be broken into multiple tours 
  • 6000 square foot terminal acts as an amazing event space
  • Flights are based on availability so book early